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  2. Paul Cantor.
  3. Damals warst du still: Roman (German Edition);

William Galston: On the elections, the populist moment, Trump's political prospects, and the Democrats. Date Added: December 5, Date Added: November 7, Clarence Thomas: Personal reflections on twenty-five years on the Court, his jurisprudence, and his education. Date Added: October 22, Date Added: October 10, Harvey Mansfield X: On crime and mystery novels, P.

The Struggle Is Real: Understanding the American “Culture War”

Wodehouse, James Q. Wilson, Winston Churchill, and Jonathan Swift. Date Added: September 26, Date Added: September 12, Mark Blitz II: The professor of political philosophy on American liberal democracy and its basis in individual natural rights.

Why Asian Americans are not the Model Minority - Alice Li - TEDxVanderbiltUniversity

Date Added: August 29, Date Added: August 15, Date Added: August 3, Date Added: August 1, Date Added: July 18, Date Added: July 5, Date Added: June 20, James Ceaser II: The University of Virginia politics professor on the intellectual roots of contemporary progressivism.

Date Added: June 6, Date Added: May 9, Date Added: April 25, Robert P. Date Added: April 11, Stephen Rosen: The Harvard government professor on today's geopolitical challenges and American leadership in the world. Date Added: March 28, Robert D. Date Added: March 14, Garry Kasparov: The chess champion and human rights activist on his life and politics in Soviet Russia. Date Added: February 29, Date Added: February 24, David Petraeus: A discussion of General Petraeus's command in Iraq from and of his execution of the "surge.

Date Added: February 3, Date Added: February 1, Date Added: January 18, Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The best-selling author explains the challenge of radical Islam and what the West should do to combat it. Date Added: January 4, Date Added: December 21, Date Added: December 7, Date Added: November 23, Date Added: November 9, Date Added: October 26, Date Added: October 12, Date Added: September 28, Date Added: August 31, Mitch Daniels: The former governor of Indiana reflects on his career in business, politics, and education.

Date Added: August 17, Samuel Alito: Justice Alito reflects on the Supreme Court, recent controversial cases, and his education. Date Added: July 20, David Gelernter: The Yale computer scientist on technology, art, and the dumbing down of America.

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Date Added: July 6, Donald Kagan: The distinguished Yale classical historian discusses the major themes of his teaching and scholarship. Date Added: June 22, Date Added: June 8, Date Added: May 25, Date Added: May 11, Gary Bauer: The conservative, pro-family activist and former Reagan advisor on Main Street conservatism.

Date Added: April 27, Charles Krauthammer: Reflections on a distinguished career in writing and ideas with the author and columnist. Date Added: April 13, Jeff Bell: The strategist and former Senate candidate on conservatism and the Republican party, from the s until today. Date Added: March 30, Date Added: March 16, Date Added: March 2, Date Added: February 16, Frederick W. Date Added: February 2, Date Added: January 19, Date Added: January 5, Guaranteed internet access is now crucial for everyone to equally exercise their political rights.

Analysis of the first week of the campaign shows that not all publicity is good publicity. The trait can bring mental strength and resilience. Subscribe to fact-based emails. Climate change is inevitable.

Avengers Assemble! Using pop-culture icons to communicate science

Selected updates - Curated tweets by ConversationUK. When England played a football match against Germany in , the players were ordered to perform a Nazi salute. Wales is one small country with big carbon targets but that still needs the policies to deliver them.

While other media — old and new — may fixate on the personalities and quick headlines, we will dig deep into policy proposals.

Islam and Western Culture

The public inquiry into Grenfell makes its first report — but those responsible for the circumstances leading up to the fire are yet to face the consequences. The UK has signed 15 trade agreements, covering 46 countries. Most fail to cover human rights issues.

Black Women and Popular Culture

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  • The fall conference is shaping up to be another great event of knowledge sharing, networking, and hopefully, even fun! I wanted to highlight that we have a fantastic reception and Keynote address happening on Friday night that we hope many of you will attend.

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    Communes in America, By Timothy Miller. If I asked you what decade of American history had the most active communes 1, and you guessed the s, congratulations. The Fall Conference is shaping up to be another excellent event.