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That may be why and how Kate Chopin decided to have Edna violate the visiting rules of her society.

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Chopin did, too. The social practice actually began in France in the 17th century. The social etiquette spread across Europe, but became strong especially in Britain. For example, if the card had an edge turned up, it was delivered by the person, and if it were flat, it would have been delivered by a servant. Even the arrangement of the received cards suggested a hierarchy. Molly Brown had the silver tray in the foyer and adhered to this practice. This social custom made it as far west as Denver. Is it a real song, or did Kate Chopin make it up?

Their responses:. It seems the song was written about There is online a Balfe fan site and the sheet music for the song.

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Is it possible that Chopin heard the Balfe song performed and simply recalled it imperfectly? A puzzle. Jenny Lind and Adelina Patti both sang Balfe songs and arias; the singers visited New Orleans well before Chopin arrived, but they were so popular in the city—and nationally—that the music they sang at the French Opera House was likely picked up by local and other visiting singers. These singers also performed in St.

And so Chopin could have heard the lyrics, remembered the key phrase, and used it. Variety broadcasts. A holdover from Victorian days I think. Ah well, that was a long time ago. Was she involved in any other historically significant happenings of her time? A: Kate Chopin was an artist, a writer of fiction, and like many artists—in the nineteenth century and today—she considered that her primary responsibility to people was showing them the truth about life as she understood it. She was not a social reformer.

Her goal was not to change the world but to describe it accurately, to show people the truth about the lives of women and men in the nineteenth-century America she knew. She was the first woman writer in her country to accept passion as a legitimate subject for serious, outspoken fiction. She is in many respects a modern writer, particularly in her awareness of the complexities of truth and the complications of freedom.

Chapters I–V

Artists like Kate Chopin see the truth and help others to see it. Once people are able to recognize the truth, then they can create social reform movements and set out to correct wrongs and injustices. A; Yes, many have.

The Awakening Themes

Rosowski considers The Awakening a prototype of the novel of awakening. Q: Do critics ever write about clothing and fashion in The Awakening? A: Yes, that subject has often come up.

A: Not so far as we can tell. But it is true that The New York Times on July 6, , reported that the Evanston, Illinois, Public Library had removed from its open shelves The Awakening and other books that the library board found objectionable the article is on p. Charles Johanningsmeier University of Nebraska at Omaha has published an important article showing that trying to understand if The Awakening was banned at other places is very complex.

His conclusion:.

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A: Sorry, but we know of no explanation for who changed the title or why. A rumor in an St. Louis newspaper review suggests that the publisher changed it. I would like to know how many pages it has. A: It has pages. You can verify that by checking the rare book area of some libraries, like the library at the Missouri History Museum in St.

Louis, Missouri, USA. Q: Has The Awakening been translated into other languages?

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It appeared in a French translation by Cyrille Arnavon in The Awakening has also been translated again into French and into many other languages. You can see which languages and look at some book covers on our Translations page. Q: Has The Awakening been made into a film? A: Yes, there are at least two versions. The film is not, apparently, available on DVD:.

Also, earlier, in , director Bob Graham did a feature-length version of the novel called The End of August. The listing includes nine films—long and short—made between and There is, in addition, what many critics consider a fine novel by Robert Stone called Children of Light , about a production company making a film of The Awakening using a performer struggling with some of the same issues that Edna struggles with.

A: Unfortunately, there is no such film. The trailer you saw is a fake. It was put together by cutting segments of other films and assembling them in a way that makes the imaginary film look almost real. A: Yes, there are at least five versions available. You can find them through a library or a bookstore or online. And Reuters and other media outlets are reporting that Audible. Q: Does anyone have any ideas about how many first editions of The Awakening might be out there?

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Antiquarian book sites vary, but even these number rarely more than three at any given time. What I have written here is speculation based on queries that I have made over several years. Box , Tucson, AZ It includes a copy of the novel with annotations focused on historical elements. At the end is an extensive bibliography and index. The inaugural list for the series features. The volume, first published in and updated in , sold hundreds of thousands of copies and played an important part in establishing Kate Chopin as an essential American author.

It includes excerpts from nine critical essays published since and from nineteen published before the twenty-first century.

It contains updated bibliographies, and it retains its authoritative text, its footnotes, its selections from reviews, and over two dozen excerpts describing biographical and historical contexts. The new edition of the Norton will be welcomed by readers in the United States and abroad. Ewell at Loyola University of New Orleans. Written by Oren Stevens and developed with director Ariel Craft, it began a three-week run at the Exit on July 29, The dancers also become the beckoning sea, the entity which both cradles and emboldens Edna but also sweeps her away.

Paul, Minnesota, from April 2 to 17, The script is by Laura Leffler-McCabe, who also directed. The production includes music composed by Candy Bilyk and performed by a trio of instrumentalists, with singing by the cast. You can read a review from a local paper. Laura Leffler-McCabe also sent us a performance excerpt. The screenplay was written by Jim Sherry, the production directed by Joyce Wu. The reading was held on June 12th, , at TheaterLab, W. Edited by Bernard Koloski. Praeger, The Complete Works of Kate Chopin. Edited by Per Seyersted.

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Kate Chopin: Complete Novels and Stories. Edited by Sandra Gilbert. New York: Library of America , Some of the items listed here may be available online through university or public libraries. For items published before , check these listings:. McConnell, Mikaela. Ipswich, MA: Salem, Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Summary Chapters I—V. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Summary: Chapter V Since early adolescence, Robert has chosen one woman each summer to whom he devotes himself as an attendant. Test your knowledge Take the Chapters 1—5 Quick Quiz. The Awakening: Popular pages.

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Take a Study Break. I spell out the potentials for both positive and negative disruption. But then I also point to the great Koan of our time , which can be the birthplace for evolutionary emergence.