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On each Unit Profile the SWC for each configuration of that troop is specified, taking into account the weapons and the equipment at their disposal. Troops with basic equipment have a SWC 0. When the total number of troops making up an Army List is over 10, the player must organize the troops in different Combat Groups. When creating the Army List , the player must assign each troop to a Combat Group; he will be allowed to create as many Combat Groups as desired, as long as the total amount of troops in each one is no greater than A Combat Group cannot be reorganized during the game.

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Because of this, once the game has begun, players are not allowed to transfer troops nor their given Orders to a different Combat Group other than the one they belong to. Army Lists must have a troop with the Special Skill Lieutenant.

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However, players are not allowed to field more than one troop with the Special Skill Lieutenant in the Army List , regardless of the Level of said Special Skill. However, it does not need to be in the same Combat Group.

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Infinity Army is the free and official tool to create Army Lists for Infinity. Infinity Army helps the player create his own Army Lists through an easy and intuitive interface. The management software of this application assesses the legality of each Army List the player creates keeping in consideration the guidelines for the creation of Army Lists for standard games, or following the different models from the ITS tournaments, chosen by the player.

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  6. Any modification to an existing unit or the addition of a new unit made through the official Infinity website, or through the launching of a new book or supplement, will be automatically reflected in Infinity Army. To make its use and management easier, Infinity Army has a tutorial mode in which Sibylla, the virtual assistant, will guide the player through the entire creation process of his Army List. Army List From Infinity Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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    Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. This page was last modified on 1 October , at This page has been accessed 55, times. Privacy policy About Infinity Wiki Disclaimers. Q: If a Combat Group only contains troopers in Hidden Deployment or that are off-table with Airborne Deployment, do you have to indicate to your opponent that you have two Combat Groups?

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    A: Yes. In Earth , there are two Infinity Gauntlets. The right-handed gauntlet that contained replicas of the Infinity Stones was seen in Odin's Vault , when the Frost Giants broke in to retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters , alongside many other treasures guarded by the Destroyer. When Thanos decided to search for the Infinity Stones himself, he forced the dwarves of Nidavellir to forge a left-handed gauntlet before massacring them all, save for the Dwarf King Eitri.

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    He then donned the gauntlet while vowing to find the stones himself. Eventually, he found all the stones and proceeded to snap his fingers to destroy half the universe. However, the process severely damaged the gauntlet, though it was still functional. Five years later, with the reappearance of Scott Lang from the Quantum Realm , the Avengers went back in time to recreate the Gauntlet, first using it to restore those killed by Thanos' usage, then to wipe out the Thanos from and his army.

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    A notable departure from the comic Gauntlets is that using it would cause devastating damage to its user as Thanos and the Hulk had their arms heavily damaged and lead to the death of Tony Stark [12]. In Earth , there are eight Infinity Stones instead of six. In addition, the glove was designed to hold four gems at one time, as a result, there were two Infinity Gauntlets. Ultimate Comics Ultimates In Earth The Humorverse , its equivalent is called Infinity Mitten , it has no finger separations and the number of infinity gems on it is unclear. It gave almost infinite power to its wielder.

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    The villain Thermos used it to kill half of the universe and other activities in an attempt to court Death.