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And when I recently had a my-writing-is-crap crisis, WFWA members were able to provide a much-needed virtual boost to my literary self-esteem. Find websites and Facebook groups that feature articles on what it means to be a writer, how to improve craft, and interviews with authors, agents, and publishers. Goodreads is the Taj Mahal of the reading community. This will catapult you right into the middle of a literary community. Regardless of which groups you decide to join, volunteer to do whatever you can to help them in their cause.

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I also offer to read and critique as many articles, drafts, and books as I can. Volunteering gives more purpose to my writing life.

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Contact the authors you love. Send virtual high-fives, telling them how much you enjoyed their book or article. Authors love to hear from fans. Read blogs by fellow authors and comment on them. Who knows? They may be interested in what you have to say, too. Support other authors by reading their books.

Reading the work of your fellow organization and association members is a great place to start. Write and post reviews of the books you read. Sometimes organizations will even post your review on their blog. Use social media. But make it your own — if there are other sites you like, use them. Promote your fellow authors and others from the writing community as much as possible. Put yourself out there, and try to attend local literary events.

In fact, I met my first critique partner this way. You can also get some insight as to what it is like to work with some agents or agencies — a wonderful tool. Social media?

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Well, this is where you are going to get your agenting information too. Agents and publishers have a twitter presence. They often post about what they are looking for using MSWL manuscript wishlist, see how that ties in? They discuss horror stories. They talk about querying pitfalls. They also provide updates as to where they are in their queries. You follow an agent you will get a lot of information about who they are and what they want. Additionally, Twitter has a very active writer presence.

There are also pitch parties. You can use Twitter to pitch agents.

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Yes, you can get published by reaching out to an agent via a hashtag! Also, if you are struggling with getting into the mind of your character, authorconfession and writerlywipchat offers daily exercises geared toward putting you in your characters heads. As an unpublished writer, what can you get out of reedsy? You have access to articles about writing, some of which can be emailed directly to you. You also have a directory of editors, promotion experts, and anything you can think of that will help you get on the road to publishing and if you have already been published.

Seriously, this is a one-stop shop where you can get almost everything you need to get published. Those websites were a gift from the heavens. I learned a lot along this journey. My debut paranormal romance novel came out on December 4, Now, it is done. You can do it too. Happy writing. And I am back to thank Victoria for taking time off her busy schedule to write us a guest post.

You can follow and contact her through these links. Both of us would love that.

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Also, if you are interested in writing a guest post for the independent publishing community, write to me right away. I am still accepting guest post submissions. Authors, what are your go to sites for resources, motivation or maybe just networking? Bloggers do you have any sites?

Let’s get on with it shall we?

And readers do you even spend time scoring out Social media to read about the writing community? Let us talk. Great post!

Manuscript Wish List sounds like a fantastic site! I need to go check it out! You all have no idea how much my heart has swelled from reading these comments. Pretty cool that Twitter is part of this list, otherwise, I did not know of the others. Thanks for sharing! Great post. I love Reedsy. They have podcasts and lessons you can learn about many publishing topics.

Thanks Gayathri! I hope you find then useful! Feel free to send me a message with updates on your own journey. These files are filled with my writing. Writing about falling in love and having my heart broken; about adventures in sex and sexuality; about getting married and heading to divorce; about becoming a mother and holding my children in my arms for the first time and, later, worrying about the complex and unstable world they will inherit; about caring for my beloved mother when dementia struck, witnessing the awful progression, being with her when she took her last breath, not knowing how to go on, and finding a way to go on; about my struggles with confidence and other secrets and lies; about my spiritual questing, my deep love of life, and my fear of dying before I wholly and fully live; about friendship and the beauty of yellow tulips in a vase; about the miracle of having just the right people appear in my life at just the right time, and longing, longing, longing—to break free.

We stay stuck. A little light shines in. Or, one day, we find the courage to scale the walls, peek over and take the plunge. That is what I think we secretly most want to do. And it is what I am doing now—since I began a project several months ago to review all my unpublished writing, identify what may be worth sharing, turn them into publication-ready pieces, and send them out.

This work stops my heart and fills it at the same time. I mean to say it terrifies me. But feeling this terror is better than feeling the deadening of my spirit that comes from keeping it all locked up. Because this, in the end, is what I have to give: Words about life, my life, and the common threads that unite all our lives—the experience of longings and disappointments, successes and failures, love and loss. But then again, it is the simple truths—offered by writers, often in books of limited commercial appeal but timeless value—that have meant the most to me.

It is what we writers do: conjure the words that help people understand, maybe just a little more, our shared and uncontainable experience of life. But it only works when the words expressed in private are let out into the world and given a life of their own. Read her blog here or find her on Twitter at LisaPBennett. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have a similar story about my father. When he passed way when I was 11, we found a box of his unpublished works that no one even know he had written.

In my second career as a writer, it has been the impetus for me to complete and publish my works. Unfortunately, I was not in the position to keep any of the stuff my father wrote, but it has served me now to at the very least, complete unfinished works. Good for you, Victor. Someone said that children often live out the un-lived lives of their parents. Seems we are lucky when it serves us in a positive direction like this. I have novels and collections of poetry and stories — all in boxes in an upstairs closet.. Thank you for reminding me to dig out my treasures and dress them up for the world.

You made my day. And you just made mine sweeter.

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Thank you for sharing that, and I hope you find things you love. I have found the return to writing after some significant passage of time makes it relatively easy to see what is good and worth sending out. Lisa, your words struck a deep chord with me.