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When to Say No to a Public Speech Request - dummies

Neuroscientific advances have shown through MRI scans that whilst we, as human beings are defined by our logic and reasoning and rationality, it is still our emotions that govern our motivations, our actions and our decisions. Connect with people through emotionally and your entire speech will resonate much greater. Speeches with no purpose just ramble on aimlessly.

They bore audiences. So be sure to have a clear objective for your speech and then speak to that purpose. It will give your speech direction and momentum. Otherwise, as Mark Twain entreats us:. He could justifiably have made it a 2-hour speech. Click here to unlock my Speech Predictor Scorer Matrix. Most speeches and presentations are given just because they are expected or requested. There are thousands of speeches given every week that say absolutely nothing at all. The messages are bland; the opinions are middle of the road. A lot of words spoken with little or no meaning.

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the stage

This is a sin! They would rather hear an extreme view that they disagree with than a dull statement that provides no insight. Avoid the obvious. Give your opinion and stand by it.

When to Say No to a Public Speech Request

Put yourself out there and your audience will love you for it. Everyone makes mistakes. The fewer you can make with your speeches and presentations, the better. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. What do you think? Share your comment below. The Ultimate Speech Preparation Checklist! Great Speakers Prepare! Got it. Your checklist is on its way. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. I've interviewed young business professionals in their 20s and 30s whose careers are soaring and who get promoted much faster than their peers largely because of their ability to deliver presentations more effectively.

Here's the key. They work at it. Public speaking is a skill anyone can build.

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In Warren Buffett's office, he has one diploma on display. It's not his business degree. It's a certificate he earned after completing a public-speaking course. Buffett says it's the most valuable degree he has. Calling public speaking a "soft skill" diminishes its value in a world that cherishes the hard sciences.

Public speaking isn't soft. It's the equivalent of cold, hard cash. Even some of the most famous presenters in the world still feel those butterflies. Tony Robbins jumps on a trampoline right before he steps onto the stage. Let it move through you and energize you for your talk. This accomplishes three things:. This is also the time to reinterpret any residual anxiety as excitement instead.

Some interesting research that evaluated public speaking and karaoke performance found that the simple act of redefining your emotions can improve your performance during a stressful situation. Individuals can reappraise anxiety as excitement using minimal strategies such as self-talk e. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General , Vol. If you have time, try to meet and greet a few people in your audience. Hats off to Peter Shankman , who takes this to a whole new level by mingling with his audience under an assumed name.

He really gets to know them and what they want the most from the event, and then he customizes his talk on the fly to address their wants and needs. I simply find it easier to speak in front of an audience when I know at least a few of the people. But remember that this is different. You are presenting to the audience who is there to listen to you and hear what you have to say. This is your time to be heard. One helpful technique for introverts is to adopt a speaking persona.

I learned to think of my public speaking as a performance and that my talking on stage was acting. It is rather liberating, and this helped me overcome being inwardly focused on myself and fixated on the fact that it was me speaking on stage.

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Instead, I was someone else. I simply adopted a persona who loved being on stage, enjoyed speaking in front of an audience, and smiled in the spotlight. Define your own persona with all the positive traits of someone who loves public speaking. Get into character before you step onto the stage.

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The good news is that I see this as a temporary fix. It will help you overcome your anxiety, but your need for a persona will continue to decrease over time. With each talk, you will become more comfortable being yourself, and, at some point, the real you will actually enjoy public speaking.

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi World Champion of Public Speaking 2014 - Full Speech

No more persona. I talked about shaking off the nervous energy, but you may still have some residual butterflies, or your positive energy may be low, which will hurt your ability to project your voice with confidence.

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I like to use one last technique to release stress and boost my energy—an outburst of sorts. This can be coupled with self-deprecating humor to warm up the audience as well. But keep it short and sweet, and speak that first sentence in what passes for your booming voice. The purpose is to squelch those remaining butterflies, elevate your energy, and improve your voice projection with one metaphorical kiai. While many extroverts enjoy being the center of attention, an introvert does not want to be in the spotlight.

The thought of it triggers a great deal of social anxiety. But I discovered that I could visualize a shift in focus from myself to the message I wanted to convey to the audience. Think more about what your audience wants and needs to hear versus obsessing about your appearance and performance on stage.

Once you realize that your story is a gift for the audience, the stress of delivering it reduces. You are simply the messenger, and you know that with preparation and practice, you can master delivering that message to an audience who will appreciate it. Knowing that you will have a friendly and receptive audience will also reduce your potential anxiety.

Even though I avoid small group discussions, I actually enjoy one-on-one conversations. I found that this insight was critical for managing my anxiety during presentations. When you first walk onto the stage, you face an imposing sea of faces. The key is to find the faces of your friendly fans. Remember how I suggested that you meet a few people from the audience before your talk? Depending on the size of the audience and room, you may now be able to find them and make eye contact.

Given that you made that earlier connection, they often will enjoy this look of recognition and smile back at you. I use these people as anchors within the audience and direct my talk one-on-one in their direction.