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Since "Life Drain doesn't do damage, it just places damage counters," does this mean that Life Drain will place damage counters equal to on Chansey, even if Chansey has successfully done Scrunch? A Vespiquen that used its "Mach Wind" attack on my previous turn was hit by Grimer's "Sticky Liquid" attack during my opponent's turn. In this instance, what is Vespiquen's retreat cost during my next turn? It has no Retreat Cost. When effects that increase something like Retreat Cost by a particular amount are stacked on top of effects that make something like Retreat Cost vanish, the vanishing effect takes priority.

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If Grumpig uses "Magical Step" to confuse the Defending Pokemon, do you put six damage counters on it right away? Or does it act like a double confusion where you only put six damage counters if the flip for Confusion is tails? Magical Step does not place any damage counters when it attacks. The effect is that the Confused Pokemon puts six damage counters if the flip for Confusion is tails.

No, only attacks. Suppose Clefairy uses Metronome to copy Chansey's Double-edge attack which does 80 damage and has the text "Chansey does 80 damage to itself". Does that mean Clefairy does 80 damage to Chansey plus Chansey does 80 damage to itself, for a total of damage to Chansey? No, Clefairy will do 80 damage to Chansey and Clefairy will do 80 damage to itself.

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  5. How much damage would Metronome do when the damage of the attack copied is dependent on the amount of Energy discarded? Here we go: the Metronome attack copies the attack and negates the cost a. However on cards like Blastoise and any other card that has any added attack bonus for extra Energy or attached cards you have to follow those rules as normal. Example: if Clefable copied Hydro Pump he would do 40 points of damage unless he had extra Water Energy on him, the same holds true for discarding for extra effects.

    Feb 24 WotC Chat Q. When Clefable Metronomes Big Eggsplosion how much damage does it do For each heads that comes up it would do 20 damage. Mar 2 WotC Chat Q. So to Clarify, Clefable with any 3 energy could do the "extra" damage in a Hydro Pump? They would not have to be water energy? So if you used Metronome to copy this attack, you could only search your deck for Bellsprouts. Yes, it does. How would it go if it Metronome'd Swords Dance? Next turn, would it will deal twice as much according to the Japanese Text?

    Or would it state in the US Text. You would have to Metronome the Sword Dance the first turn and then Metronome the Slash the next and it would be doubled for your Clefable. What about a Rainbow energy? That would work too. If a Clefable uses Metronome and it copys TR Zapdos' Electroburn does it take any damage if it has 0 lightning energies on it?

    Right-o [Ed. Note: No, it does not take any damage]. Can I use Jynx's "Mimic" attack to draw cards from my deck when I don't have any cards in my hand? Can I use Jynx's "Mimic" attack to shuffle my hand into my deck when my opponent has no cards in his or her hand? Yes, but you won't draw any cards after you shuffle it in. Mawile's "Mining" attack says to search your deck for a Trainer. Can it also get a Supporter or Stadium?

    Yes, since Mawile is a pre-Diamond and Pearl card, when it says "Trainer" it includes all Trainers, Supporters and Stadiums, regardless of set. Mawile's "Mining" attack let's you search your deck for a Trainer and put it in your hand, or if its a Pokemon Tool attach it to one of your Pokemon. Can you use "Mining" to attach a Strength Charm to Mawile? Yes, but it will be discarded from the attacking Pokemon at the end of the turn.

    If you attach it to another Pokemon, it is not discarded, because that Pokemon did not attack.

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    If I use "Mining" to attach a Buffer Piece to one of my Pokemon, is it still discarded at the end of my opponent's turn, even though I didn't 'play' it? Yes, the attachment via the attack is handled as if it was played on the turn of the attack. Latias' attack, "Miraculous Light" does damage and heals 2 damage counters. In what order do these effects take place? The attack damage and effect are applied, then the effect of "Rough Skin" is applied.

    No, retreating would clear the effect of Mirror Shot. X - Great Encounters Q. If Cresselia Lv.

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    Yes, you can put as many on a Pokemon as you want to, as long as you have enough to move, of course. My Larvitar is poisoned with 10 HP left. My opponent has one prize remaining and no cards in the deck. Can I attack with "Mountain Eater" and win the game? You can attack, but if you can't discard the card you don't get to remove two damage counters. Larvitar will be KO'd between turns and your opponent will take the last prize.

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    Beedrill's "Needle Shock" attack says to ignore the effect part if any of my Pokemon used "Needle Shock" last turn. This particular effect is on the player, not on the Pokemon. If you had a Pokemon in play last turn that used Needle Shock, you must ignore the effect portion of Needle Shock this turn. If the damage dealt by Gliscor's "Ninja Fang" attack is reduced to 0 by damage-reducing effects like Special Metal Energy or the Trainer card "Defender", does the Defending Pokemon become Paralyzed or not?

    No, it does not. The Defending Pokemon can only be Paralyzed if Ninja Fang does 10 damage or more after all other affects have been evaluated.

    How long does "Octazooka's" effect remain on the Defending Pokemon? Octazooka's effect lasts on the Defending Pokemon until it is no longer active, or if it evolves, levels up, etc. If I [Knock Out] a pokemon with Octazooka and flip a head, does that mean the pokemon the opponent brings in has to flip to do its move? The effect from that attack goes onto that Defending Pokemon which is then Knocked out. You would NOT do the effect on the next one that comes up. Say my Misty's Horsea Lv. Does the opponent have to flip twice if they try to attack, or only once?

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    They would have to flip twice because those are two separate effects. Anything that adds to Weakness, PlusPower or removes from Resistance, etc. It's simple - if the final result of the attack does 60 damage to the Defending Pokemon, then you remove six damage counters from one of your Pokemon. If I use Butterfree's "Parallel Drain" attack, may I choose to remove fewer damage counters than the amount of damage done by the attack?

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    You may choose a Pokemon with fewer damage counters on it and remove all of them, but you cannot choose to remove fewer damage counters if the Pokemon already has as many or more damage counters on it than the attack damage did. For example, if you did 30 damage and have 50 damage on the Pokemon you choose, you cannot remove less than three damage counters from that Pokemon. Yes you could, it just has to be Asleep and have been attacked by Night Eyes last turn. It doesn't matter if it is asleep from another effect or not. If a Pokemon that was attacked by Night Eyes last turn goes to the bench, could I Gust it up, put it to sleep with the Sleep!

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    Yes it would. Benching doesn't seem to as long as the conditions are met. There is no effect to clear; it's a check of the Game State. Evolving, Devolving, or leaving play alters the Game State such that it is no longer the same Pokemon that got attacked by Night Eyes. But not benching. On my opponents turn, they level their Active up to Infernape Lv. On my next turn I put the active Infernape Lv. X back to sleep and use "Perish Song". Will this KO the active Infernape Lv. Although evolving or devolving would not allow Perish Song to be used since it is no longer the same Pokemon , a Leveled Up Pokemon is still the same Pokemon as it was before and in this case the Infernape Lv.

    X would get KO'd by Perish Song. When using Rotom's "Plasma Arrow" attack, I get to choose one of the opponent's Pokemon and do 20 damage for each Energy attached to it; but do I do the damage to the Defending Pokemon, or to the Pokemon I chose? To the Pokemon that was chosen. If the damage were to be done to the Defending Pokemon, there would be a "20x" value in the damage field of the attack.

    If my opponent uses Pichu's "Playground" attack on the first turn of the game, and I am going second, can I evolve the Pokemon I put onto my Bench with "Playground" since I did not put them in play on my turn? It is a basic game rule that neither player can normally evolve any Pokemon on their first turn of the game, even if they are going second. The phrase "Pichu is now Asleep" is activated at the end of the attack, independent of the other results of the attack.

    Cleffa's "Eeeeeeek", Smoochum's "Energy Antics", etc. Fossils are not "attached" to themselves, so they are not discarded by Plunder. Would you apply weakness and resistance to its damage?